Appliance Repair Spokane specializes in home appliance repair. All appliances are serviceable by our technicians who are fully trained and licensed.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority and we will treat each and every customer individually with honesty. All appliance repair technicians are trained on each and every type of appliance. They also go through background checks so you never have to worry with who is coming into your home.

To schedule an appointment please call us at (509) 774-3966.

Some common household appliances that we repair:

  • Refrigerators – As your refrigerator ages, it can spring a leak, start to get noisy or won’t keep your food cold enough. Some issues are easily fixed, while others may require additional parts to be replaced. Call us to see if we can diagnose the problem over the phone.
  • Ice Makers – One of the main problems that can happen to older ice makers is its ability to keep the water frozen. Some time the ice maker also springs a leak as the hoses begin to wear down. The ice maker attached to the refrigerator can also break and may need a new part in order to fix the problem.
  • Washers – Two of the biggest problems with washers are backed up drains or leaking doors or pipes. If you have a front loader, the door of older models can begin to spring leaks. The rubber surrounding the door if not cleaned and cared for will wear down and may need to be replaced. The drain inside of the washer may also get clogged from use as dirt and hair tend to clog up the drain causing the water to either sit inside of the washer or to flood out of the machine.
  • Dryers – Without a dryer you are not able to dry your wet clothes, which can lead to damage laundry if left wet. Some issues with dryers are squeaks, or abnormally loud noises. Gas and electric dryers can have different issues and may need to be looked at in order to find the problem. If you have a broken dryer, be sure to call Appliance Repair Spokane for service.
  • Stoves and Ranges – If your burners seem to be spitting out more gas than normal or you smell gas when the stove isn’t lit, you need to call for service immediately. Some stoves have a digital display that might not work or may be flashing an error message. If your oven does not heat up correctly you might need to have a part fixed within the stove. \

Call us for service at (509) 774-3966

Some appliances have a warranty which means the repair and service cost will be free to you. All other appliance repairs will be charged at our low prices. Fixing a broken appliance may be the best option for you as a brand new appliance can cost multiple times what the average repair cost is. Contact us so we can talk to you about your options.